Tired of Playing those same old boring games? Well, the folks at Underground Games, Inc., a black owned game company, have come up with the most fun and interesting App concept too ever hit the Market. Life As A Blackman the GameĀ® is the first and only board game to depict life from the perspective of a minority. “This is the party game for the next millennium,” says Chuck Sawyer, C.E.O. Underground Games, Inc.

You’re an 18-year-old black male high school graduate entering society. Where will you begin the game? Glamourwood, Black University, Military or The Ghetto? What type of person, or shall I say Character Type will you be? Creative, Intellectual, Athletic? Do you know good from evil? Will it be Church or Crime? Crime equals Police and Prison. Do you have enough money for the Dream Team Attorney? If not the Public Defender is free of charge. What kind of car will you drive? SUV, Used Car, Bucket, or No Car at all? But remember you need a car to get around in Downtown. There’s only one goal in Life As A BlackMan the Game and that’s FREEDOM. No more going around in endless circles.

Players must first spin to determine their character type, (Creative, Intellectual, or Athletic). Next, the player spins to determine which District they will begin the game, (Glamourwood, Black University, Military, or The Ghetto). There are spaces on the game board that have the words Glamourwood, University, Military, Ghetto, Corporate America, Church, Prison, Life, Career, Racism, Crime, and Police. There are cards corresponding to these spaces on the board called Action Cards. The player must pull a card every time they land on one of these spaces, except for Crime, which is optional. Each card has a specific detail on it relating to the space with an action that the player must carry out on the board. For example, a player may pull a Life card that reads, Your brother moves in with you, Pay $1,000. The player would then have to either pay the $1,000 or go into Debt, which may result in a trip to the Ghetto. Corporate America, Church and Prison are other Districts in the game that offer other types of challenges that we face in everyday life. There are Paydays on the board, which allow the player to receive a salary, if they have a career, pay child expenses, or even rent. Players may purchase and sell cars for use Downtown, get married, have children, and even get divorced. Every facet of everyday life is incorporated in the game, including Lawyers, and Debt. The first player to reach the Goal wins the game.

Look for Life As A Blackman the GameĀ® on the App Store, we’re putting the finishing touches on the game and we need your help, we need a few good testers. Please fill out the form below if you’re up for the job, or you just want the lastest info about the game.


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